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Message par Lucky Chance le Dim 24 Mai - 12:00

Si vous trouvez des citations d'Alexis, n'hésitez pas en poster Wink

En voici quelques unes:

We asked Gilmore Girls star Alexis Bledel what her school experiences were like, and here's what she told us: "I went to private school my whole life. It's pretty sheltered but it's good. I was kind of anti-crowd and I didn't have a crowd. I was just doing my own thing with a couple of friends and my best friend from high school is still my best friend."

Gilmore Girls star Alexis Bledel likes to keep fit with Pilates workouts. “I exercise feel better, to have more energy, to feel stronger,” she says. That strength helped Alexis when it came time to get ready for her role in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which has a scene where she gets trapped underwater. “You have to learn how to use scuba equipment in order to dive into the water on a movie so I had to do that, in a swimming pool with scuba gear and a wet suit,” she explains. Alexis also had another challenge on the movie: she had to learn how to ride on both the back of a motor scooter and a live donkey without falling off!

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