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Interview de Lauren Graham

Message par Lucky Chance le Mer 13 Mai - 19:14

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Interview du 11 mai 2009 sur le Rachael Ray Show:

Lauren a fait une apparition spéciale le lundi 11 mai 2009 sur le Rachael Ray Show. Lauren a été désignée comme "la maman la plus cool du monde" avec quelques clips de Gilmore Girls qui ont annoncé son apparition.

Voici l'article en anglais:

Lauren Graham made a special appearance today on the Rachael Ray show. Lauren was announced as “the coolest mom on earth” with some Gilmore Girls clips set up to introduce her appearance.

Lauren admits seeing the clip kind of “freaked her out” since it was from such a long time ago (for her). She admits that the 7 years of production kind of blend together for her now. Rachael then asks if Lauren is “stuck in Lorelai”, in terms of how people see her. Lauren responds:

“I think I’ve realized I’m not, because, like anything, it’s now been 2 years since the last episode, so I’ve gotten a chance to do some other things. But, I realize that because of reruns, and just how television works now, that it’s going to be on forever. And so, for the rest of my life, people will be asking me when the Gilmore Girls movie is. And I’ll have to keep saying ‘I don’t know.’”

Lauren mentions how, for her growing up, her Gilmore Girls was Laverne & Shirley. They continue talking about Gilmore Girls (this is nice!) and how people relate to her as if she were Lorelai, with people always telling her their similarities to the Gilmore Girls characters. Lauren says it’s sweet.

Rachael asks if Lauren had ever had any weird fan reaction, one that kind of crossed the line. Lauren says it’s mainly “really friendly” and that Gilmore Girls was such a happy show. People come to watch Lauren in Guys and Dolls because of Gilmore GIrls, and Lauren feels great that she’s able to introduce people to Broadway in this way.

Lauren talks about working on Guys and Dolls, and about how taxing the 8 shows a week are on her voice. At first she would go home and avoid talking, but now she’s used to it. Still, her voice is tired by the end of the night and there’s nothing glamorous about that (so she describes)! Lauren also talks about being blonde in the show, and Rachael suggests she take the wig out for a night on the town to see if blondes really do have more fun.

Ici l'adresse du site de Rachael Ray où Lauren fait une apparition:

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